Quick Left and Ethereum Consulting

In the real world I am gainfully employed by a wonderful company named Quick Left in Boulder Colorado.  Last week I approached our head of engineering about idea of taking on Ethereum based consulting work after receiving a few recruiting emails for Ethereum based startups. 

Being able to spend my normal work day helping expand the Ethereum ecosystem without some of the risk involved in joining a startup is really appealing to me.  A handful of years ago, that sort of risk would have been possible, but having a house and a family and all of the things that go along with those has me appreciating the stability that my job affords me.

I'm happy to say Quick Left was really supportive, if not downright excited about the idea.  If you'd be interested in having me work on your app, feel free to get in touch via pmerriam@quickleft.com and we can see if it would be a good fit. 

It's really cool to work for a company supports its engineers.

And lastly, you can read my introduction to Ethereum blog post on the Quick Left blog.