Devcon1 and other musings

Getting geared up to leave for London this Saturday to attend Devcon next week.  It's been an amazing couple of months since the Frontier network went live.  I'm looking forward to meetingthe people behind the screen names that I've been chatting with through various channels.  Please feel free to seek me out during the conference.  The best way to contact me during the conference is likely on twitter via @pipermerriam.

On Tuesday I'll be on two panels.   During the Middleware & On-Chain services I'm hoping to get a chance to talk about some of the more philosophical ideas I have surrounding how these services should be designed.  For the first time in history, we have an opportunity to create truly trustless services. It's going to take the whole community embracing some standards about what that really means and holding each other to them.

I've been scrambling on the latest iteration of the Alarm service as well which I'm hoping to get done by the conference.  The next version is going to introduce some major API changes which simplify a lot of the complexity involved in scheduling a call, as well as managing the up-front gas money required for the call to execute.

Safe travels to everyone who's headed that way.  See you there.