Getting a lot closer to the 0.6.0 release.  Test suite is all green and I'm about halfway through updating the documentation.  There are a few things that I'm really excited about that I wanted to go ahead and get written up.

Call Portability

Starting with this release, there will be a trustless mechanism for migrating scheduled calls when new versions of the service are released.  This eliminates a huge long term maintainability problem that has been outstanding since day one.

Easier Call Execution

The Caller Pool mechanism from previous releases was a clunky solution to a difficult problem.  This release eliminates the Caller Pool, making it way easier to start executing other people's scheduled calls.

In addition to this, I've started separating out the example implementation of a script that will monitor for and execute calls (and subsequently make $$).

Overall Complexity Reduction

A brief audit today shows that this release is approximately +150 / -600 source lines of code.   This is a huge complexity reduction for the codebase and something I'm quite proud of.


If you've been keeping track, you may have noticed that I've not done a stellar job delivering on my projected release dates for things.  I'm hoping to get this out the door this week, but the reality is that it'll take as long as it takes.