Say hello to the reliability canary

One of the claims that I've made about the Ethereum Alarm Clock is that it should be capable of being extremely reliable.  Today, I am proud to introduce everyone to the Reliability Canary an attempt at measuring the reliability of the Alarm service.

The canary is a contract that continually reschedules a call to itself approximately every 2 hours.  Each time this happens a counter is incremented.  If the scheduled call is not executed, the canary dies.

Source code available here

I'm still experimenting a bit with how I want this contract to work.  Once I'm happy with it and it's been running fine for a few days with no problems I'll plan on funding the contract with enough ether to last for a few weeks.

I'm hoping that I don't have to kill too many canaries.

Update: 2015-12-27

Our first canary has been euthanized in favor of a newer more healthy canary which was just deployed.  The new canary contract takes less gas per heartbeat and fixed a bug related to how it sets it's initial timestamp.