It Begins

Today marks the initial launch of the Ethereum Alarm Clock service.  Today, the first version of the service was deployed to the live Frontier network and all of my tests indicate it is working as expected.

This is an Alpha release so I can only recommend using it if you know what you are doing.  Some specific things to note.

Call Execution

I am currently the only person running a script to execute scheduled calls.  I am currently running this off of my laptop which isn't always on.  Feel free to message me at pipermerriam on gitter and ask whether my scheduler is running.

In the coming days I intend to get this moved over onto a real server and to have the status of the scheduler displayed on the web site.

Deposits and Bonds

I would suggest keeping your account balances low.  The source code has not been audited by any third parties, and I cannot make any guarantees that your funds are secure.

Don't rely on Trust

One of the core ideas behind how this service has been designed was to eliminate the need for trust.  This starts by verifying the source code of the contract address.  Please do your due diligence and verify the contract byte code matches the expected compiled version of the contract source.

Road Map

Coming up next...

  1. A blog posts going into more detail about the different parts and design decisions that have gone into creating this contract.
  2. Moving the call execution script that is running on my laptop onto a real server.
  3. Open sourcing the call execution script and providing documentation on how to run it.