v0.2.0 Deployed

This morning the 0.2.0 version of the contract code was deployed, fixing an issue with how the bond bonus was distributed when a call is executed during the free-for-all window.

The new contract address is 0xc1cfa6ac1d7cf99bd1e145dcd04ec462b3b0c4da

Both this new contract and the 0.1.0 contract have scripts monitoring them to execute scheduled calls.  This does however bring up an important part of designing your contracts interactions with the Alarm service.  It will be important to consider whether to hard code the address of the Alarm service, or to possibly implement a setter.

In the coming weeks I plan to start work on a name registry for the alarm service to allow contracts to query for the appropriate address to use.  This topic however has some subtle complexity that I will reserve for another post.

In the meantime, you can count on the following things.

  • My call execution scripts against old versions of the contract will stay running unless there is a compelling reason to turn them off (such as an exploit that allows someone to drain the caller bond).
  • Any backwards incompatible changes to the API will be announced and clearly documented.
  • Each version will have a corresponding release on github as well as instructions for how to verify the contract source code.