v0.7.0 Deployed

Version 7 of the Ethereum Alarm Clock service has just finished being deployed. 

  • Full source code for this release can be found on github
  • The latest documentation is available here.
  • A new canary contract has been deployed to 0x24d76e09a1b82bfb7fdefa3fb0df1bab01e5b824
  • Full instructions on how to verify the deployed bytecode available here.
  • Beta release of the scheduling client with compatibility with this new version of the service available on pypi.

This version introduces the following new features.

  • Protection against stack depth attacks.
  • You can now specify a required gas amount for the executing transaction.
  • You can now send ether with a scheduled call.
  • Major reduction in the default price of scheduling.
  • You can now schedule calls as soon as 10 blocks in the future.

This version also includes a change to how the default price of a scheduled call is determined based on market information.  I'll go into detail in a later post about how this mechanism works.

I will be considering version 6 deprecated.  If this is problematic for you please reach out to me.