v0.7.0 in testing on the testnet

The next iteration of the Alarm service has been deployed to the testnet @ 0x26416b12610d26fd31d227456e9009270574038f.  Main net deploy within the week if I don't find any major issues.  This is a pretty major release so I want to be sure that everything is running smoothly.

  • Code for this release can be found in the master branch on github. https://github.com/pipermerriam/ethereum-alarm-clock/
  • The scheduler client for this version is available in the 7.0.0b4 beta release of the ethereum-alarm-clock-client on pypi.
  • Some basic example contracts can be found
  • Documentation for this release is available here: http://docs.ethereum-alarm-clock.com/en/latest/

Features included in this release are:

  • Stack depth attack protection
  • Ability to specify the required amount of gas for execution.
  • Ability to send ether as part of execution.
  • Experimental dynamic pricing model for default Payment
  • 26 new function signatures for call scheduling which should fit most any use case.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.