Available on the testnet

The contracts for 0.8.0 have been deployed to the testnet.  Here are the relevant contract addresses.

One of the easiest ways to start tinkering with this is going to be with the command line interface (CLI).  Documentation for using the CLI can be found here in the Alarm Documentation.

I'm currently in the process of getting all of my infrastructure for ensuring that any request which gets scheduled will reliably get executed which has been quite interesting given the recent DOS attacks on the network.  However, just as the main network has become more robust in response to these attacks, so has my infrastructure.  I'm now running 2 execution servers on the Morden testnet and 5 execution servers on the mainnet.  These are a mix of 1/1 parity and geth on Morden and 3/2 parity and geth on the mainnet.

I've also been running some experiments on the testnet to see whether my execution servers can handle an extremely high volume of scheduled requests.  You can see some of that by digging into the transactions sent by 0xAFFA9e11A8deaC514b93169c764aA042B4fE316F.

Things are quickly approaching being ready for deployment on the mainnet, but will be on hold until the gas limit is back above the 3.5 million mark.  In the meantime I will be focusing on improving the documentation and expanding on examples of how to both use the service as well as integrate with it at the lower RequestFactory level.

I'd like to specifically thank /r/johanngr for the tip contract he setup for this upcoming release of the service.  I am fortunate to have the resources to continue development of this service and am committed to the continued development of this service with or without this sort of direct financial contribution.  My goal has always been for this to be a foundational resource for the Ethereum ecosystem and have tried to develop it as a completely open and permissionless platform with no compulsory fees or centralized control of any kind.